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Ilisher Dasavtaar - Hilsa Festival

The queen of fish Hilsa (Ilish) being an integral part of Bengali’s Non vegetarian delicacy which every Bengali loves to have it in various form especially in Curries, Fry, Steamed, Smoked.
Novotel Kolkata Hotel & Residences brings to you an exclusive offer of Ilish Festival in this monsoon– Ilish er Das Avatar. One can experience 10 different type of Ilish preparation only at the all day dining – The Square.
It will be also available as In Room Dining and on Online Food Portals.

Festival Duration: 1st August 2022 -31st August 2022
Days Available: Every Day
Time of availability: 12 noon to 12 midnight

To book your table call – 85840 77005

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